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The Benefits of Pine Fresh™ Natural Pine Wood Litter

  • Ingredients: 100% Natural Pine Wood Only
    Pine Fresh™ is made from 100% natural pine wood with no added chemicals. Cansorb Industries recycles the pine wood waste from various wood manufacturers to make Pine Fresh™. No trees were cut to produce Pine Fresh™.

  • Can Be Safely Recycled Pine Fresh™ can be safely recycled into your garden as mulch for acid-loving plants once the cat feces has been removed. Pine Fresh™ is a great low-grade soil amendment. Pine Fresh™ can also be flushed down a toilet in small amounts if you use a city sewage system or placed in your regular trash.

  • Destroys Odor
    Pine Fresh™ absorbs odor-causing liquid faster and retains them longer than clay litters, resulting in superior odor control. Pine Fresh prevents the formation of ammonia up to three times longer than clay litter.

  • Economical
    Because Pine Fresh™ is more absorbent you will use 66% less than if you were using a clay litter. One 7lb. bag of Pine Fresh™ will last one cat approximately one month. (7 lbs. Pine Fresh™ = 20 lbs. of clay litter). Compare the price of 7 lbs. of Pine Fresh™ to 20 lbs. of clay litter and you will be pleasantly surprised, and even more surprised when you compare to clumping clays or gels.

  • Dust Free with No Tracking
    Pine Fresh™ pellets are dust free, which alleviates conditions related to dust allergies. No dust means a healthier respiratory system for your pet compared to the silica dust found in clay litters. Pine Fresh™ will also track less than clay litters.

  • Reduces the Need for Open Pit Mining
    The big difference between the wood litter Pine Fresh™ is made from and clay litter is that when you use a bag of clay litter that is the size of the hole you have made in the earth. When you use a bag of Pine Fresh™ litter another tree can be planted to replace it. In fact, today’s Forestry Industry is dedicated to a policy of sustainable harvesting of trees, which we fully support. In addition to reducing the need for open pit mining, the use of Pine Fresh™  reduces the amount of waste litter put into landfills by two thirds compared to clay litter.

  • Time Saving and Convenient
    Pine Fresh™ will not stick to the bottom of the cat box, which makes cleaning the cat box easier, especially in multi-cat household. Pine Fresh™ is non-abrasive to hardwood floors or tiles. You will spend less time changing the cat box because of Pine Fresh’s™ long lasting odor control. Precious time is saved.

  • Versatile Use
    Pine Fresh™ has been proven to be ideal for exotic birds, ferrets, hedgehogs, rabbits, Vietnamese pot-belly pigs, and other small animals. One purchase of Pine Fresh™ can be your sole litter solution for the multi-animal households.

  • Veterinarian and Breeder Recommended
    Regular use of Pine Fresh™ has reduced or eliminated fleas in the household. 

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