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Here are some of our stories and testimonials from all our friends that use Pine Fresh™ Cat Litter.

Pine Fresh™ is, without a doubt, the best cat litter on the market. All three of our cats, Sophie, Gaius and Stella, have used Pine Fresh™ since they were little kittens. Today at the ripe old age of one and half years, they still enjoy the fresh pine fragrance and no dust!

Pine Fresh™ is a wonderful product that is so healthy for our little ones, yet so affordable.

Sophie, Gaius and Stella thank you!

From VA

Tried it - liked it. Really controls odor & wetness,  and there is much less tracking than clay. My cat did not mind the switch. Will buy again.

Sherri / OH

Hi. I first used Pine Fresh™ Litter for my cats, but was afraid to us it for my Ferrets. After I spoke to your company  I was relieved that Pine Fresh™ was safe for them. To this day we use Pine Fresh™ in the Shelter for ALL our Ferrets, and we highly recommend Pine Fresh™ to be used for Cats and Ferrets, and any small animal PLUS Birds. It is the best on the market, and so easy to use. When people come to the shelter they DON'T smell ferret odors. With proper use, you will be 100% Satisfied with Pine Fresh™ Litter. You may call us at the shelter anytime to ash us about Pine Fresh™ Litter, or Call Cansorb Industries to find out how to use and where to purchase it...

Gary / Western Carolina Ferret Shelter

I have over 100 house cats. I have used Pine Fresh™ litter for over 7 years. It is by far the BEST litter for multi-pet households. I use 3 bags per day, and at $2.15 per bag, it is definitely the best deal on the market. Besides controlling odor and being dust-free, I don't have to worry about my house bunnies getting in the litter boxes since it is all natural and safe for them.

Gina / PA

I love it so much that I will NEVER buy any other kind.

Marianne / OH

My son bought your product to see if it worked better than other multi-cat products. and it does!

Beth / NC

I have been buying Pine Fresh™ for over a year now and I will never buy anything else again! Not only it is a great absorber but there is never any odor, not even when I pick up the little box to go clean it out. This stuff is the best thing I have ever used for my cats. We have had 4 litters of kittens and when I gave them away I always recommended Pine Fresh™. I have recommended it to strangers, in the grocery store, when I have seen them trying to decide on a litter to use. I tried one of the "crystals" type litter when the store was out of Pine Fresh™ and it was horrible. By the second day you could smell the urine in the little box. That stuff cost me $7. And that's another wonderful thing about Pine Fresh™. It is very inexpensive! I will always be a loyal customer.

Sharon / NC

We tried Pine Fresh™ and was so pleased. There is absolutely no litter box smell and the pine scent is wonderful. We also like that there is no dust in the air when we change the litter box.

Kim / FL

When my kittens, Dooley and Moira, were sterilized, the Vet suggested using your Pine Fresh™ litter until they healed. She said the dust from regular clay litter is abrasive and can irritate surgical sites. Of course, I bought it. I was surprised at the texture, and the nice, clean smell. Even more surprising was the fact that it stayed nice and fresh smelling for so long. I have two very large cats besides the kittens, so it was doubly amazing! I also like the fact it can be used for mulch in my garden, and is totally "Nature Friendly."  Thank you for a wonderful product, which is now a staple at our house!

Amy / FL

We just started using Pine Fresh™ about 2 months ago and we love it! I have allergies and I have noticed I feel much better since we started to use the new litter, we change it less often because it doesn't smell and our cat got used to it right away. We are recommending it to everyone we know that has cats.

Scott / NJ

I really enjoyed using this product because the cats didn't seem to mind the switch. It keeps down on dust and odor. I just love it for my two cats.

Shannon / OH


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