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 Instructions for Use

1. Pour
Place about one inch of Pine Fresh™ in the bottom of the litter tray (it will spill over when fully expanded if you use more).

2. Scoop
Scoop out the solid waste as necessary.

3. Shake
A quick back and forth motion will bring the unused pellets to the surface for maximum control.

4. Change
Time to change when all the pellets have expanded. Recycle in lawn or garden as a low-grade fertilizer, mulch or compost.

Changing Litter Brands
Cats can be finicky animals. If your cat does not take to Pine Fresh™ naturally, place 1/2 inch of Pine Fresh in your litter box and add 3 inches of your own brand, gradually increasing the amount of Pine Fresh™ used. After a few uses, your cat should like using Pine Fresh™ alone.

The History of Pine Fresh™

In 1989 a team of environmentally responsible individuals wanted to create a better way to eliminate cat box odor using a renewable resource, namely pine wood. They felt that digging a hole in the ground, (mining), for the clay used in clay, clumping clay and silica gel “crystals” cat litters negatively impacted the environment and contributed to the scarring of the earth, landfill problems, and potential health risks for pets.

Of the 85 million cats in North America, the majority of owners use clay-based litters. Pine Fresh™ Cat Litter was conceived as a sensible and environmentally responsible alternative, and Cansorb Industries was formed for the express purpose of manufacturing a natural pine wood litter from kiln-dried wood recycled from the modular home, furniture, and lumber industries.

Cansorb's mission is to produce a litter that is healthier for both pet and owner as an alternative to clay-based litters. Our success is wholly attributable to the endorsement of our product by breeders and Veterinarians and use of our product by environmentally responsible people who care about their cat’s health as well as that of the earth.

Given that clay based litters represent 95% of the cat litter market, Cansorb felt that cat owners would appreciate a product made from a renewable resource that:

1) controls odors better than any other cat litter
2) does not track
3) is dust free
4) is recyclable as a low-grade soil additive
5) is flushable in small amounts in a city sewage system
6) is economical to use

Not only is Pine Fresh™ Cat Litter cat-friendly and environmentally friendly, it is economical!  One 7 Lb. bag of Pine Fresh Cat Litter lasts one cat about one month. This is equivalent to approximately one 20 Lb. bag of clay litter. It lasts longer and controls odor economically.

Cansorb’s management team is committed to providing the best quality cat litter available. Our on-staff feline quality control assistants, Ms. Flopsy and Mr. Grayson, can vouch for it.


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